Our Team

To create an ambitious tool, you need a team full of ambitious people! And that’s what Vocads is about! 15 ambitious and passionate people with different skill sets which all have the same goal.

Recreate the most natural voice conversations possible with an AI! Our AI and software engineers, our marketers, designers, voice experts and top advisers are working together everyday to improve the development of Vocads.

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About UNI

UNI stands for “Understand Natural Interaction”. She is our mascot here at Vocads. We all pay particular attention to her and make sure she is completely satisfied at every moment. 

She is the one that will make the conversation with you to improve your user experience.

Our mission

At Vocads we are like everyone we like when things are easy. But sometimes you have to work hard to make things easier in the future. Vocads did the hard part for you. Now voice campaigns are easy to create, easy to manage and easy to analyse thanks to Vocads platform.

As much as we care about you we also care about your customers and with Vocads you facilitate their experience on your website.

Vocads innovates by enabling “natural discussion” between a user and a voice AI. We work with the latest technologies to provide the best customer experience thanks to our proprietary AI. It’s this desire to innovate and improve customer experience that drives us everyday.

Thanks to both our intelligent technology and innovative concept, Vocads goal is to change the game of the customer experience and more specifically of the voice customer experience and trust me we will!

By having a strong impact on customer relationships, Vocads enables companies to significantly increase revenue both for brands and agencies.

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