Online survey methods such as forms are one of the most used methods of survey. Many brands send these surveys to understand and analyse customer experience. 

Although this method has its fair advantages, they are often long and time-consuming. The responses are not usually detailed enough and customers would face survey fatigue, which leads to false responses and data. 

Voice surveys help avoid all these problems, the customer just has to talk! They feel more engaged and the responses are more refined because they talk to you directly!

One book to cover everything about voice surveys!

With our new e-book, discover how voice surveys can help brands understand their customers even better than online surveys!

What’s more? You can try out different voice surveys to see how they work and see how it collects a lot of information in a short time!

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What will you learn from this book?

How voice surveys are faster to fill out?

Learn how voice surveys take much less time to fill than long online surveys!

How customers are retained more by voice?

Check how voice surveys can help brands connect better with their customers!

How to add voice survey on your website?

Discover the best tools to help implement voice surveys on your website fast!

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