Why customers don't answer surveys?

9 out of 10 customer surveys are left unanswered due to a number of reasons.

Time consuming

Long surveys often lose the focus of the customer, which results in survey fatigue and inaccurate data.

Sent at the wrong time

Surveys are often sent at the wrong time, which results in diminished responses.

Boring and not very engaging

Text surveys are pretty much the same - long, boring and not very engaging. This loses the customer’s interest.

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Reinvent surveys with Vocads!

Learn how Vocads Survey can help solve all of these blocks!

Say goodbye to time-consuming surveys

Since customers just have to talk, voice surveys become more interesting and quick to finish while collecting more enriched data.

Let the customer answer on the spot

Voice surveys help customers answer any questions on the spot, like in an interview. Wherever and whenever possible!

Provide an interactive survey that's fun to fill

All customers need is their voice, they are more engaged and motivated to take the survey.

Your data, in safe hands

The responses collected are fully protected (≠ GAFA) . They belong to you, only you!

Are you ready for the future of surveys?

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